TaobaoSpree Haul & Review

7:14 PM
So, I finally gave in an ordered my first haul from Taobao as kind of a birthday gift to myself last month ♥ I used TaobaoSpree to order, which was a wonderful service. They paired me up with Cici as my agent, and the communication was great! She was very sweet and friendly, and even contacted other sellers on Taobao when a shirt I wanted was sold out from the original seller I was trying to buy from. (Sadly, that shirt is sold out everywhere... I was too late!) As my first time ordering from anything like this, I was super happy that it was very easy to understand and Cici was really helpful with everything and all the questions I asked. Definitely would recommend this service, especially if you'd rather deal with a human being rather than computers. The whole experience, from me sending the first e-mail to them, to the package actually arriving on my doorstep, took 3 about weeks. It probably would have been faster if the item I wanted wasn't sold out, but it was a short enough time to wait for all these lovely items, in my opinion.

TL;DR for TaobaoSpree

☆ Talk to a personal agent for your order
☆ Great communication
☆ Fast shipping with tracking included

★ Not really a con, but expect to wait a little because the agent needs to contact the original Taobao seller(s)

10/10 - Would definitely recommend their shipping service!

Onto the review of the actual items. Most of my items were from a MA*RS replica shop. I don't have the funds to actually buy authentic MA*RS items, yet, so this was a nice compromise.

Skirt - Definitely my favorite purchase of the entire haul. The fabric is a bit heavy but durable and wrinkle-resistant. You can also take the suspenders off so it's versatile! I love it ♥♥♥

Skirt - Super cute print, though a bit short on me, will definitely need to wear booty/safety shorts under! The suspenders have a bow attached in the upper mid-back, which is a really unique to it. These suspenders are also detachable for more versatility.
Top & Bottom Set - This set is super cute and has a lot of little unique design features that didn't pick up well on my camera. The back of the skirt also has a detachable butt-bow on it ♥ It's short, but it came with it's own set of safety pants. The arm warmers (pictured on the left) came with the set. 
Top & Bottom Set + Thigh High Stockings - Super cute set, though the print fabric is a bit stiff. The stiffness helps keep the bow's shape, but tying it is a tiny hassle (because it struggles against). The butt-bow is also detachable on this skirt. The thigh highs are perfect- the price was cheap but the quality seems durable and very elastic. It doesn't really slip and slide, but I haven't worn it all day long yet.
Top + Bottom - A Swankiss replica/style outfit. Sorry for the crappy photo angle and awkward hair combo! I was trying on a new Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown) wig I had bought off ebay, too ^^;; As for the top and shorts, I absolutely love the top. It's super cute and the little trimming on the sleeves is really special. The shorts are high-waisted and make me feel confident about wearing crop tops, though they did turn out to be larger than I thought they would be. I should've ordered it in a smaller size. The daisy "chains" are detachable, 

All in all, I really happy with my purchase and I can't thank Cici from TaobaoSpree enough for all the help she was! ♥
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KERA Minerals Review

5:17 PM
Recently, my friend told me about at-home keratin treatments for your hair. I've always seen them being advertised for salons, but never really looked into them. So, while I was at Sally's Beauty Supply yesterday, I saw the Silk Elements KERA Minerals "Hair Smoothing System" kit. Doing a quick phone search showed pretty positive reviews for it, which made me decide to pick it up. 

I took a picture of my hair before the treatment. My hair is naturally wavy, but in the picture I have some loose and messy curls from curling it the day before. 

I used the entire kit on my hair, though I do think there would've had some extra leftover. If you have longer hair, you might need 2 application kits. 
My hair looks and feels so much smoother, but during the process I actually had some trouble with it. My hair is severely damaged from bleach, so other people might have less trouble, but before flat ironing it, it was really hard to manage as it felt sticky and kept getting tangled. Throughout the entire process, chunks of my hair broke off! It was a bit scary, but I do think my hair condition has to do with why so much fell out. I've never had so much hair fall out, though. 


☆ Leaves hair feeling smooth
☆ Hair looks shinier and healthier

Takes some getting used to to manage
★ Chunks of my hair fell out
★ Removed some of my hair dye

6/10 - Probably wouldn't buy again

I might update this again, after I see how long it lasts. Hope this review helped anyone looking into at-home keratin treatments. (✿´ ꒳ ` )ノ

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My First Real Post/Review - LUSH's Angels on Bare Skin

5:08 PM
Blogging has always been something that's been in the back of my mind, but I only first really started thinking about doing it was because of this product. I've never had such great and instantaneous results with any other facial exfoliater!
Sorry the picture isn't great! I've put it to good use, and the sticker is all wrinkled from moisture.

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Feedback Page

4:35 PM
Since I've been buying more things online from individual sellers, and I also plan to sell some items in the future, I thought it'd be good to have a feedback page.

Here's an example form to use when commenting down below:

Feedback Experience: (Please write down if you had a POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, or NEUTRAL experience with me.)
Order: (Please state if I was the Buyer or Seller here, along with what I bought.)
Additional Comments: (Any other personal comments you would like to put down.)

Thank you for your time ♥

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5:10 PM
I don't blog right now, but I do want to start writing some review posts, soon! Just because I buy a lot of things, and I'm sure reviews would help other people :)

For the time being, you can find me at:


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