KERA Minerals Review

5:17 PM
Recently, my friend told me about at-home keratin treatments for your hair. I've always seen them being advertised for salons, but never really looked into them. So, while I was at Sally's Beauty Supply yesterday, I saw the Silk Elements KERA Minerals "Hair Smoothing System" kit. Doing a quick phone search showed pretty positive reviews for it, which made me decide to pick it up. 

I took a picture of my hair before the treatment. My hair is naturally wavy, but in the picture I have some loose and messy curls from curling it the day before. 

I used the entire kit on my hair, though I do think there would've had some extra leftover. If you have longer hair, you might need 2 application kits. 
My hair looks and feels so much smoother, but during the process I actually had some trouble with it. My hair is severely damaged from bleach, so other people might have less trouble, but before flat ironing it, it was really hard to manage as it felt sticky and kept getting tangled. Throughout the entire process, chunks of my hair broke off! It was a bit scary, but I do think my hair condition has to do with why so much fell out. I've never had so much hair fall out, though. 


☆ Leaves hair feeling smooth
☆ Hair looks shinier and healthier

Takes some getting used to to manage
★ Chunks of my hair fell out
★ Removed some of my hair dye

6/10 - Probably wouldn't buy again

I might update this again, after I see how long it lasts. Hope this review helped anyone looking into at-home keratin treatments. (✿´ ꒳ ` )ノ